Yeah so I am here
2003-11-10 12:02:23 ET

So yeah.

What have you been up to?

I am having tons of fun in school so far.
Friend#1:15-slept with 3 guys,never used a condom!not on birthcontrol.
Friend#2:16-Slep with 3 the past month and a half, been high every day and most likly on coke.
Friend#4:17-has 5 month old kid
Friend#5:18-has almost 2 year old kid.

16 turn 17 on Nov.25th, never even been kissed.

Also my daaad is a jerk face.I wish he could change. Going to kanasas then to california. Everyone thinks I am sick becuase of the way I want to look when I am free. Except C, C thinks that I won't get all that done. I like peircings what can say? I just do. That doen't make me evil.Right? OK, then we agree.

2003-11-10 12:34:52 ET

Seems to me that you're pretty well ahead of those friends whom you think are so far ahead ofyou.

2003-11-10 12:53:17 ET

i love you crystal... i totally want to make out with you... but im sure you are not going to respond to this for a long time....

2003-11-11 17:03:36 ET

Childrened teens make me sad.

2003-11-11 17:12:10 ET

It makes me sad too.
I'm not ahead of anyone.

2003-11-11 17:13:45 ET

*whispers* Thats a good thing.

2003-11-14 10:04:25 ET

one of my close friends got pregnant over the summer....i was really sad about it, and she acts like it's the best thing ever but i just feel really sorry for her

hey, be glad you're not "ahead" of them.......whatever they're up to won't lead to anything good mostlikely

2003-11-22 07:49:55 ET

i'm 19 and have never been kissed.

(also planning on going to a local high school as a journalistic reporter after i get my degree - joke.)

;) from what i figure, chicky... it's not a bad thing - this here non-ho-ish-ness... boys tend to dig it more, actually... ^_^

2003-12-07 08:06:48 ET

Ok, when I say that I am not ahead of any one I mean, in a good way so, yeah. The hole point of this journal was to show the sharp contrast between my friends and I.

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