I have decided
2003-11-21 21:05:03 ET

If I have a subculture it is the one of the multiracial child. The one that looks black, acts white, dresses hispanic, and can get offened by things such as chink ,jap, and fucking asians their such whores that ruin.

2003-11-21 22:25:52 ET

:) well said

2003-11-21 22:32:47 ET

Yeah? It really sucks that being mixed thing.

2003-11-21 22:33:38 ET


2003-11-22 19:09:18 ET

dude I just realized who you were. hi.

2003-11-25 14:58:55 ET


2003-11-30 18:31:20 ET

Are you kidding? I wish I were mixed with something other than white, I hate being a boring blue eyed pale ass aryan girl. It's so unapealing to me. It's so boring and posse. I long for a more exotic look, it's so much lovlier. I would kill to be half Purto Rican, or half Filipino. Or whatever!

2003-12-07 08:14:02 ET

I really don't think I look exotic. But thats good to know

2003-12-15 18:05:59 ET

you should all quit complaining. looks like i'll have to save up for multiple flower suits


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