2003-12-18 12:40:34 ET

This can't be love, it wouldn't feel so good.
Makes me so happy that I shake.
Why do I want him so?
I want to be his friend
But I know it won't stop there
I just don't understand

So I saw JOSH. Josh...Sometimes when I think of him I can't sleep. I have dreams about him. The thing is I have had any sex dreams about him in a while. But I dream about him alot and I think that might mean something. He makes mme happy and I don't know why. I hope I looked *HOT* today becuase I was standing next to jessica and I want him to want me. I feel bad for wanting to look better than my freind. I know I am not in love with him but there is a part of me that loves him. I would like to be in love one day. Do you think that he will e-mail me? Do you hope so?

in other news,Poor Eric.

I tried to call Allen.

2003-12-18 12:47:26 ET

i hope he does email you.....and you're hot enough not to worry about someone else lookin hotter,


2003-12-18 12:55:01 ET

(can't say it)

2003-12-18 13:14:59 ET

You look hot to me ..

But yeah... crushes are weird. I used to like a guy. But crush feeling is over. I want a new oneee....

2003-12-18 13:16:30 ET

hahaha, you sound like a lil pimp

2003-12-18 13:17:20 ET

Pimp, hah, I wish~

2003-12-18 13:37:27 ET

you are never ever on, and this sucks.

2003-12-18 17:48:27 ET

of coarse you look better than rat girl!

2003-12-19 12:37:27 ET

Jessica does not look like a rodent!!!!!!!

My father controls my on-line time. note: cerfew= before dark...get the idea?

<3 allen, well everyone!

2003-12-19 13:28:21 ET

dude you're way prettier than jessica. but josh who??

2003-12-19 16:11:27 ET

Are sure you know who I am talking about?

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