I'm still not a girl...mabey I am a gurl though?
2003-12-22 13:07:43 ET

Joshua baby

Put yourself under the tree


I've such a very good gurl;)

Joshua baby

So hurry down the chimney tonight.
So what have you been up to? Really I am asking YOU. Not Josh, YOU. I'm just wondering.

2003-12-22 17:24:12 ET

thinking about making out with you!

2003-12-22 18:23:28 ET

O_o? To both of you.

2003-12-22 18:31:00 ET

What do you mean O_o?

2003-12-22 18:32:27 ET

O_o? as in you confuse and scare the crap out of me.

2003-12-22 18:38:46 ET


2003-12-22 20:56:49 ET

oh you know... the nothing special...

2003-12-23 07:00:51 ET

really but it is the season.

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