Did you think that I could stay away?
2003-12-23 07:12:48 ET

So why is it that my lil bro can get a bow but I can't. Why does he get to hunt but I don't? I am freaken' great shooter, it's in my blood father great shooter, mother GREAT shooter. + my father has a knife made out of an antler that was from a deer they killed on thier first date. So why can't I join in? so my mother "Doesn't want me to be killer" but that is no excuase coming from her.

Josh DOESN't think I am obsessive!

I also need to talk to Tiff.

2003-12-23 07:55:51 ET

I think going hunting would be a kick ass first date.

2003-12-23 08:16:18 ET

I once shot an arrow into the Albertsense(sp) parking lot and got in trouble with the police, kinda.

2003-12-23 08:54:25 ET

that was smart.

2003-12-23 08:56:30 ET

Smart and awesome!

2003-12-23 12:38:53 ET

hunting...boooooring. you arent missing a thing. we have supermarkets and grocery stores for that now.

2003-12-23 14:35:12 ET


2003-12-23 14:35:33 ET

My point is I should be able to if my YOUNGER brother does.

2003-12-23 14:44:25 ET

well maybe you shouldnt be depriving poor little motherless animals of their poor little motherless lives

2003-12-23 14:47:31 ET

Mmmmmmm...BastardBambi stew!

2003-12-23 14:48:05 ET

have sex with your brother.

2003-12-23 14:48:57 ET

What?!? You sick jerk!

2003-12-23 14:54:16 ET

well i mean, you'd be making deer children to make of for the ones you killed. its only right.

2003-12-23 16:45:01 ET


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