2003-12-27 20:30:18 ET

So....I have resinged to the fact that I do look like a porn star...are you happy now...fate?

2003-12-27 20:35:03 ET

i am happy now..

2003-12-27 20:46:59 ET

Thats cool though. I get it all the time. We should start a porn star look alike club.

2003-12-28 06:03:01 ET

Yeah we should! It would great,but we need a great name...thats not "Porn star look-a-like club"

2003-12-28 08:03:06 ET

hot 'n' horny babe's...but not quite porn stars.

hmm... could be too long.

2003-12-28 08:28:23 ET


2003-12-28 11:55:01 ET

Damn, I suck at making names..... the ... um... Chicka-bow-bow Chica club... bah...too many words....

2003-12-28 15:27:23 ET

Yeah...I have to think hard. But I think it should be something that spells PORN...that woould rock!

I kinda like that name random with the alliteration and all

Ah-ha "chicka-bow-wow"

Thats good stuff.

Tiff I am niether hot nor horny.

2003-12-28 15:30:53 ET

Also whyare you happy...Allen.(Not that you shouldn't be)

2003-12-28 16:34:20 ET

im not happy.. im never happy

2003-12-28 20:06:54 ET


2003-12-28 20:06:55 ET


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