2002-07-03 23:45:02 ET

Is uber a word...Tiffanarchy uses it alot.

2002-07-04 10:05:45 ET

ive heard ot far too often, im guessing if it wasnt one before, its one now

2002-07-04 10:15:37 ET

This post is über lame.

2002-07-04 10:34:38 ET

Thanx I feel much love now...:/

2002-07-04 10:41:15 ET

isn't it german?

2002-07-04 10:58:31 ET

I think thats what she said

2002-07-04 14:09:59 ET

yes, it is german.

2002-07-04 15:48:10 ET

see, if you just listen to me you dont have to sound stupid.....

2002-07-08 13:10:08 ET

Yes it is a German word - an adjective similar to "very" or "extremely." I've been using it for a long time. My boyfriend likes getting into trouble for attention (ha) so I call him "Super Duper Uber Evil Alpha Omni Omega Brat" or "Uber Brat" for short. :P Oh did I mention he is 21? LOL. I guess guys never grow up. :S

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