2002-07-04 10:03:32 ET

ya know today my friends mother asked my why black have fidelity issues...Do I look like a black man to her...I know she only asked me cuz my daddi is black...What an odd odd question....oh well, i guess there is a reason her dauther is so strange.

2002-07-04 12:14:12 ET

why do blacks have a fidelity issue..... ok i'm black... dumb question, i'm shooting your mom in the head with an m-16..... over and out...

2002-07-07 23:10:55 ET

what is fidelity by the way... i kinda don't know/remember.

2002-07-08 03:16:40 ET

being faithful, in anyway. or like, keeping true to your word,

2002-07-08 10:55:54 ET

ah thanks, my friend told me right after.

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