2004-06-02 19:40:13 ET

Are you going to read this?

I didn't have sex no matter what anybody said.

I love Jessica and I don't care what anybody thinks about that. She is the one person who was always truely there for me. She didn'r care about how she thought I was acting. She took the time to see how I was feeling about things. Also she was the only person who didn't listen to all the rumors about assuming that they were true,just becuase I wasn't at school. She thinks I am beautiful.
Sometimes I start to believe her. I think that is something great.

You don't know Adam and you probably never will. I love though. He is beautiful person in every way. He is important. He makes me happy becuase he is my friend, thats right a real one. He makes Jessica happy too. That is very great, I was getting tired of guys that treated her like shit. All of them weren't near good enough for her. I hope she sees that now. He does make me sad though when he doesn't realize how wonderful he is. And that is what he is .


Once I get past all the rumors the fights the people who desserted me my time at school my time at home....I don't really know were I am. I do know that I lucky though,Jessica and Adam couldn't be more perfect.<3

2004-06-02 19:41:13 ET

did you have sex with adam, too?

2004-06-03 19:11:42 ET

you are beautiful crystal.

2004-06-03 19:40:40 ET


I don't deserve you.

2004-06-06 18:21:00 ET

how often did I tell you that you arent ugly and that you should stop being down on yourself? how many times did I try to help you and be there for you even when you werent? there have been so many times that other people have been just as supportive as jess. its just that it took a year of her telling you that you werent good enough and you trying to live up to her standards for her to say that you are beautiful when the rest of us liked the crystal who didnt NEED to wear makeup and would always come to class and had such great FRIENDSHIPS with people. you've changed and its not for the better, but I will always support you.

2004-06-17 22:37:37 ET

If I am right...which I am...

Friends are the people that call you even when there are other people to talk to. They are the people that are there for you in troubled to suport and guide you, not just to yell at you and point out your short comings. They are the people that won't ditch you for a penis,or make you fell like more shit at times you are pretty sure thats what you are, just becuase you don't always make the best desitions. You can cry/laugh with and at them,yell at them, and still at the end of the day when think of people you know you love,and you can tell they love you too,its them.

And I am not sorry that Jessica is one of those people to me,
you might be
But its not about you,at all
Its about the person that makes me feel good about self
Thats Jessica


(<3 to Adam2)

2004-06-18 16:23:22 ET

you still havent paid linda, I came by your house today, you werent there....

2004-06-20 08:37:51 ET


2004-06-20 08:38:09 ET

I do have her money I am trring to get over there.

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