2004-06-26 23:44:06 ET

I am at Jess's house.

Yeah thats fun.My father is mad at me right now but really don't care. BC thats fun.

Nichole' Bday today. thats fun every year I go and I love it. <3 NiKKi and Nichole.

I really wish I had a boyfriend. But really don't see that happening ever.

I went out of the house today with no make-up,and I saw ppl too! Usally when I don't wear make-up I am working. I am proud.

MY EYEBROWS ARE GROWING BACK! Now they aren't all half, and gimpy like.

Yay things are looking up.

I am happy today.

I love you.

2004-06-26 23:59:54 ET

Why do you wish you had a boyfriend?

2004-06-27 00:02:34 ET

Because I want that kind of effection.

2004-06-27 00:02:45 ET

And I am selfish.

2004-06-27 00:03:37 ET

And you aren't getting that now?

2004-06-27 00:11:12 ET

No, then thier would be no need for a boyfriend

2004-06-27 00:11:21 ET


2004-06-27 00:17:02 ET

Well maybe you are recieving that kind of affection but it's just not as physical as you would like... I just have a hardtime admitting that I "need" something from a girl.

I have a problem with the whole dependency thing... and it's weird but I'm kind of in the same predicament as you are... so I'm hoping I just get over it.

2004-06-27 00:20:53 ET

I am not though the only two ppl I am ever around are my best friends,and they are dating.

I am too, I do that sometimes when I don't know what to make of my emotions,just wait until it passes. the waiting is the hardest part.

2004-06-27 00:22:02 ET

Yeah it is... it's a state of limbo where you are just stuck inbetween it all.

I hate it.

2004-06-27 00:29:57 ET

emotions can really fuck a person up. Sometimes(rarly)I wish they weren't there but I rather be in pain than dead. Not that the lack of having a boyfriend is that depressing but I am confronted with that feeling all the time since that is all I am around. But Afterthe pataince it'll all be good.

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