2002-07-10 14:11:01 ET

Got 4hrs of sleep lastnight that was the god this suck way. Nothing to do.

Neway you know,
a person my age should be able to spend their money the way they want.Yesterdaay I was at A store with my mother and I saw this dark grey sweater and my yelled at me and said I have to wear things that complment my skin tone. oh well.

2002-07-10 14:20:47 ET

o that sucks i hate when people tell you what to do or can't do

2002-07-10 14:33:40 ET

umm sweetie, grey does compliment your skin tone you look really good in light colors. sometimes I wonder why you wear so much black....yay! my mommy called and told me to get online and stay ther....

2002-07-11 05:26:39 ET

Thanx hon., glad to know you suport me. Hehe,whos mom knew they were gunna go online anyway....Umm yours?

2002-07-11 05:31:38 ET

Hey, and mabey I like black. It always goes.

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