2004-07-01 17:02:45 ET

got an inches worth of applications today.
Wonder if I can get a job.

2004-07-01 17:07:38 ET

good luck!

2004-07-01 22:06:49 ET

you could get a jib as my blanket... that would be hott

2004-07-01 22:37:03 ET

No not as I

2004-07-01 22:43:18 ET


2004-07-01 22:45:00 ET

I wouldn't be hot

2004-07-02 12:05:50 ET

if you find a place thats hiring, PLEASE tell me. Im going on three weeks of straight looking. blah.

2004-07-02 16:00:13 ET

Rave is about to start hiring.

2004-07-03 09:52:08 ET

id work at rave.. imagine the mayhem that would ensue if i worked there

2004-07-04 11:45:47 ET


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