Ha .my white friends
2002-07-11 06:01:55 ET

Well,hmmm,every one envies my tan,they shouldn't do I even look like enything?No they are luckie they are white.Every body all ways comes up to me and says "what are you ?"and when I say a person or a human or american they get pissed like I had said somthing wrong.HaHa 4them.


got yelled at again for not the perfect acverage teen. Some boy called cuz he likes my friend and then decided to tease me cuz I'm not popular.Called me a freak, this coming from a boy who has 2 mohawks,green hair is like 6'2",140lbs, and his ears gaged.

Well I'm happy today don't now why. No ones home and I'm playing MY music so loud that I had to turn the base off cuz thier was some odd noise being made by the shelfs my stereo is on.Anyway I didn't want to damage any thing so I turned the base off.:D

2002-07-11 07:35:06 ET

... The good kind of freak?

2002-07-11 10:10:12 ET

No the "God are you even human?" kind.

2002-07-11 20:54:33 ET

haha brandon called you a freak?? dude! he stood out at the sevendust concert!! we were just hanging out an I looked all the way across the parking lot and saw the bi-hawk on his skinny litte frame (hmm he ...SOUNDS hot??) and I was like hey! its brandon and look! hes with joey and that kid!

2002-07-12 04:51:36 ET

Ewwwww...no his sall fame is sickening.

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