2002-07-12 05:47:28 ET

So anyway my father says he is gonning to take the computer away,I don't know when or why he is doing this but he is.But I'm half happy half sad cuz soon it won't be his chioce cuz my mommi is geting a new one.But then after a while he will take it over too.Just like he dose everthing, stereo,4me, he takes control of it,phone,4me, he takes control again.

O well listening music,The type were you bump and grid tolike a soul train whore,but not for long.Next?Time to wake the neighbors!:)

2002-07-12 06:03:59 ET


Don't let him take away the computer! : (

Attak him if he does.

2002-07-12 06:33:04 ET

You attack him...I can't beat I big guy like him!

2002-07-12 06:33:52 ET

everybody says that,'til they see my father

2002-07-12 06:34:25 ET

I'm not attakking your daddy. : )

You do it!

2002-07-12 06:37:16 ET

Yeah you can say that.I would never attack my father.He's all scary.

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