2004-09-02 19:48:10 ET

I am at Joannas house.
My father should have been here about an hour ago.

SARA ROCKS thanx for today SARA ROCKS!!!

2004-09-02 19:54:54 ET

sarah me?? for my phone? or a cooler sara cuz I suck?

2004-09-03 05:28:30 ET

sarrizzle, you can never suck!!!!!!!!!!

2004-09-03 06:06:44 ET

aww yay!

2004-09-11 16:18:42 ET


2004-09-29 07:51:25 ET

Today was a bologna and his name was fred. I do not like my whiteboard machine and it is blue. anyway, today was a bloody day and there is no toast.

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