So i went to this camp
2002-07-14 14:41:10 ET

Ok so I went to a camp,it was fun. I was odd we were aloud to do what we wanted basicly. We just couldn't have drugs alchole or sex. There was other minor rules, but that was the jist of things.

2002-07-14 14:42:56 ET

did you break any of them? =X =P

2002-07-14 14:45:30 ET

Almost all the minor ones,none of the major ones.

2002-07-14 14:48:48 ET

oh your supost to break every one.....thats the fun thing about camp...

2002-07-15 13:42:54 ET

is it ?

2002-07-15 20:52:59 ET


2002-07-16 08:35:19 ET

awww, you didnt get high and have sex with the hot EMO boy???
Im very dissapointed. :)

2002-07-16 13:19:33 ET

me too

2002-07-16 16:48:59 ET

so i dissapoitnted everybody.

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