So should I just curl into a ball and die??
2002-07-15 14:15:32 ET

So my father hates everything about me. I never hear anything nice about me come out of his mouth unless it involes something that he wants to do,like horse back riding,and that is only half the time. He hates my shoes,my colthes... He always yells at mefor everything:what is that black nail polish I don't think so,Its out there your just not looking hard enough,I can't beleive that your mother let buy that shit,turn that shit off, turn that shit down... I get yelled at if I laugh, yelled at if I cry,yelled at if I have my own oppion.He dosen't want me he wants clean cut barbie. It only makes it harder that I love my famly so much. So unhappy.

2002-07-15 14:47:37 ET

family can be very diffcult at times... I for one haven't talked to my father in 5 years now... but then he was never around and neer cared other than brinning me over to the Christian faith.. and no to mention a mother whos been ostrasising me since i was born... it's really tough at times... just never give up hope.. as corny as it might sound

2002-07-15 14:49:36 ET

It might be corny but it also might be the right thing to do

2002-07-15 15:01:24 ET

very true... hope is the one thing No ONE can take away.. only yourself

2002-07-16 08:34:29 ET

awwwww, thats sweet. but chrys,if you recall the first thing you say when ever you do/buy something "out of the ordinary" the first thing you say is jess is gonna hate this BUT the second thing you say is my dad is gonna be pissed. girl, just wait till you are 18. Ive given up my free will and opinion to make my mom happy whenIm 18 Im just gonna say "fuck it" and hope I never have to deal with her again. muahahaha Im only gonna do the dishes and vacume ONCE A WEEK!!!!!!! dont worry about it hon, you got me

2002-07-16 10:04:58 ET

I know exactly how you feel, my parents hate everything about me.
i can't stand them.

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