I hate being a girl
2004-12-25 23:18:51 ET

I hate feeling like a girl.

Why do have be here with him?


So heres the deal
In the summer I met this boy ok. And like we click,I mean I went to his house the first time I met him. And if you know me you know I am way paraniod about that shit. Anyway he had to leave in week but FUCK he still called me and shit he acted like he still liked me and about day before he arrived he was bitching about pictures of me. But then when he got here he ignored me, except for when he woke me up in the morning to culddle with him. He even calls me baby sometimes, I think it slips, BC he told his sister that he "didn't want a girlfriend." And I Know that means he doesn't liek me but GOD it hurts so bad, the one person I would settle down for doesn't want me? I mean right now I talk to like 5 guys, or 10 I don't buut I don't even kiss them, but they are liek head over heels-giving their pay cheak to me-in love with me but I actully want him.Does life always skrew you like this. I do kinda get the vibe that he doesn't want to get atached to me, but who cares I would move for him. Oh well I guess I can just talk to the other boys


and um...

You're a sexy girl! You are beautiful, and you
love attention from guys, and are very
flirtatous. You might come off as a slut and
bitch to some but I think you have another side
to you that is pleaing for attention, love, and
care. You might be confident on the outside but
don't be afraid to unleash a more sensitive
side. Be better than just the average sex

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2004-12-26 08:59:35 ET

awww you deserve someone that'll treat you way better than that hun.

2004-12-26 10:21:20 ET

your not a loser you just get too wrapped up in guys that only want you there sometimes, and not all the time, not good

2005-01-05 14:59:36 ET

hmm... this went kind of backwards...

I think what you should do is give me an hour or two in a room alone with him. first Ill destroy his self-esteem then I'll tell him how you feel and then Ill beat the truth out of him if I have to.

2005-01-12 14:24:26 ET

hey...at least you dont have a dwi.

2005-01-17 16:09:56 ET

That is true

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