I do
2002-07-16 16:58:49 ET

I was talking to my my mom when i said that I look like a
doll, she said "yeah you do,you look like a model." which
is odd cuz when i was little my mother would tell that
i would never be beautiful.I would just be slightly more than adverage,and that was all i could hope for.

2002-07-16 17:02:00 ET

that sounds mean, but at least now she thinks you are

2002-07-16 17:07:23 ET

not mean just the truth

2002-07-16 17:12:44 ET

yeah i must be one of those people who can't take any kind of criticism, especially from family

2002-07-16 17:23:25 ET

heh, my mother always said i was going to grow up and all the guys would be chasing after me and blah blah blah.... I don't see it happening:(

2002-07-16 17:27:55 ET

yeah my mom told me that all the time too and now that it's not happening she tells me i intimidate them...yah rrriiigghhhttt

2002-07-16 18:00:38 ET

yeah I hear that! I think it's something else.

2002-07-17 09:32:00 ET

I never hear that.

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