2005-01-25 18:02:36 ET

Just for the record I never loved JOSH.
I did love Pablo.
I never lied to my boyfriend.

The way I felt about other ppl and the way I feel about my boyfriend are two diffenrt things.

Josh was hot...But never made me as horny as my boyfriend does.
ANd I did love Pablo I mean there will always be a place for him in my heart,but Daniel is Daniel, and I can't discribe how much I miss him when he is away,or how happy I am when we are together. He's the only guy I felt confortable being naked around. That says alot.But he can't see that and I don't know why.

I don't know what to do.

ppl might not think I love him but I do.

2005-01-26 07:47:10 ET

perhaps, you should tell him that, and if you have already and he doesnt want to listen, give him time and he will realize it, dont be too pushy. I love you crys, I dont like you to be in pain.

2005-02-15 13:10:43 ET

that's disgusting

2005-03-03 15:00:54 ET

You know whats disgusting?


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