hey have you seen...
2002-07-17 16:28:19 ET

Hey has anyone seen the movie "Darn the blue lights?"

My teacher is the hero in it. It's funny but it is suposed to be a horror film. Anyway it was really cheap, but it's still better than "Not Another Teen Movie."

2002-07-17 17:03:07 ET

Haven't seen it.. haven't even heard of it

2002-07-18 09:04:30 ET

Oh thats too bad

2002-07-19 16:08:06 ET

What is your beef with NATM? I happen to like it. Well, I'll give you that it is poorly written, has poor acting (except for Mia), poor dialouge, poor plot and story, and unamusing in some parts.. but it so needed to happen I think.

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