Thats too bad
2002-07-18 09:34:39 ET

I went to Tiff's last night,It was fun.There was no food. I thought today was gunna suck cuz Tiff's mom uses us as slave labor. But she was in a good mood today. She was starting to think we were noraml for a wile.Until Tiff stared to talk about boots.
Me: You know what atracts me?
Her mom:Boots? Did you say boots?
Her mom:Boots?
Tiff:yeah boots rock, they are Gods gift.
Me:And weird socks.
Her mom:Boots?Boots?
Me:I love my boots.
Her mom:What if you have to wear shorts.
Tiff:If you get the right boots and the right shorts it'll work. But you know what rocks?
Her mom:???
Tiff:Boots and mini skirts!
Her mom:Boots? You guys are soo strange!

Well we were doing fine.

2002-07-18 15:12:37 ET


2002-07-19 15:26:31 ET

No, no boots for you ,EVER!

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