Ahh ok ?
2002-07-20 06:18:20 ET

My friends Father is on something. He was IMing her and saying some crazy stuff.She fell off her chair she was luaging so hard.He's nt very conventional,to say the lest. He is cool but, kinda odd. Well , I thin k she scared him off though:anrkyboy:
yes, I'm your daddY!!!!!!!!
Eaglegirl1345: daddY??
anrkyboy: errrr, poppa?
Eaglegirl1345: no you are my d4dd13
anrkyboy: ummmm, wtf?
Eaglegirl1345: d4dd13
Eaglegirl1345: hax0r t41k
anrkyboy: 46gl9g1rl
Eaglegirl1345: agglgglrl??
Eaglegirl1345: what??
anrkyboy: 9421155gl
Eaglegirl1345: ga(2 isnt a letter)llssgl??
anrkyboy: I didn't type ga
Eaglegirl1345: yeah ya did
Eaglegirl1345: 94=ga
anrkyboy: 2 is a letter!!!!!!! dammit!

2002-07-20 06:54:51 ET

someone needs to post that language

2002-07-20 07:03:01 ET

no, its a very well known language...... haha, I love messing with my dad

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