Gurlie girls
2002-07-22 08:04:28 ET

I don't really like gurlie gurls,or shall i say they don't like me.Mabey this is becuse if there was gurl get scared by a grasshopper, I was the one holding it. Or if there was a gurl siting out cuz she dosen't like hockey, I'm the one cross-cheaking the boys.Or If there is gurl showing off her new dress,I'm breaking in my new boots.Or becuse 98% of my FRIENDS are boys ,so, they wanna be in a group with me insted of gurls who like them. In any case I really wish ppl would stop seeing me as a stuck up bitch, cuz in all reality I don't think i am better than you, i'm just being my self.

2002-07-22 08:46:42 ET

it's the same way with me....

2002-07-23 10:46:41 ET

Yeah, sucks don't it.

2002-07-24 03:13:55 ET does...but what can u do they will never learn..which sucks even more

2002-07-24 07:56:46 ET

yeah it dose

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