Gosh I am sooo strange
2002-07-24 11:34:04 ET

My bottom eye lashes are the same length as the top ones, If I put on a little maskera I look so freakie, But It kind of looks pretty. Anyway,

Jess was suposed to call me about Seeing Eight legged freaks.She never did though, guess she's the queen of the world .

She is always complaining cuz all these guys like her and she is so popular. But I don't have all that many friends and when i sepend time with other friends she always yells at me and makes me feel like I have deserted her. O well.

Gee all my friends are out doing crap with thier other pals
Guess I should get more friends,eeh? Gollie , I wish it was that easy , hay ya wanna be my pal ? Sure !

2002-07-24 12:06:28 ET

I've had "friends" like that. They were the mean kind of preppy people who have a one-track mind that I thought I wanted to have. Then, I discovered that the poor little misfit deserted people actually underestand me better and I can have more interesting conversations with them.

2002-07-24 12:08:32 ET

I wish I knew so poor lil' misfits

2002-07-24 12:10:14 ET

So did I in middle school. Actually, there were some misfits, but they were incredibly annoying. Those kinds are bad, too.

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