2002-07-25 08:07:54 ET

I am bored again.

Well anyway

Pretty soon I will have some pics of the things I have drawen , Is that word,anyway, Some are pretty cool , others are pretty strange,Just like me. I have dresses and pants and crap. I have these outragous boots that go up to your thigh,Ha!I don't think anyone will like them, but no harm in putting them up, eeh?

Eeh?Ha I said that to my mother and she gave me this look, and then said"What, you're canadian now?!?" My mom is such a freak but i will get to that later.

2002-07-25 08:09:12 ET

It's drawn or drew

2002-07-25 08:10:00 ET

My mother is a freak too, in a retarded kind of way though...

2002-07-25 08:12:26 ET

Are you a guy or a girl?

2002-07-25 08:17:04 ET

I am a gurl

2002-07-25 08:23:15 ET

My mom is strange in the smart way.

2002-07-25 08:31:02 ET

My mother trys to get me to move back in by acting more like a teenager than the 35 year old mom with 2 other kids she is...So she acts really retarded.

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