2002-07-26 09:14:24 ET

Lets go for a walk !

one sunburn isn't gunna hurt you!


Nah I wanna tan!

Stay away from the sunscreen!

Ewww,how can you think he is hot!

Fat ass!

Lazy ass!




I didn't get sleep either,but I am not tired!

Its my house I do whatever the hell I want!

Yeah, you are not makeing a nice impression on my mom!

I am the guest I can do whatever the hell I want!

Gee, I guess I will just stay here all alone,cuz I have no friends!

I hate boring ppl!

I hate quite ppl!

Well,when I have been around you all day I HATE FUCKING NOISE!!

Woo-Hoo, I love my friends

2002-07-26 09:24:55 ET

there's nothing like a nice petty fight with a bestfriend

2002-07-26 09:39:59 ET

Stay out of the sun.

2002-07-26 10:20:24 ET

umm, yeah, does jess EVER say anything nice to you? every time you talk about her you make it harder and harder to like her....

haha, tell her if she keeps treating my best friend like that shes gonna get an ass whoopin

2002-07-26 10:52:12 ET

1)i know
2)i do
3)yes she dose

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