2002-07-28 07:50:03 ET

So yesterday was good, I went to the county fair, it was ok.We didn't fight once.I had to hang out with his friends daugter. She was,Like oh my god, I mean I just can't believe it,ok was just so ,whatever. Ha! she is 14 you can tell. I wanted to punch these guys that were fighting over her 18, and 21. Ewwww, the worst part is they knew her age!Well anyway,

2002-07-28 09:20:15 ET

hate to be racist.. but were they mexican... mexicans in colorado do that sort of thing...my neighbor ashley is very good lookin and her sisters frends sister's friends are trying to get in her pants... and she just turned 14 like 2 weeks ago and there like 22.. horribe isnt it ..


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