Woo-hoo lack of friendsness
2002-08-01 13:57:21 ET

Well I did nothing today. I have to sew things.It was boring.No one is home. I should be back-packing w/Kaleigh, Beau, Joe,and Frank,But noooo, I have to be all poor. Oh-well.

2002-08-01 13:59:18 ET


2002-08-01 14:51:46 ET

be happy or be sad...but you better be happy.

2002-08-01 15:25:46 ET


2002-08-02 07:28:03 ET

summer sucks when all your friedns leave together and you cant go. its so lonely

2002-08-02 07:30:14 ET

yes yes.:(

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