Cold and lonely
2002-08-02 07:23:00 ET

My mom says I can't hug her anymore cuz I have boobs.

It is cold and boreing, But I am still not dressed. So Jess will be complaining about how cold it is , wait until the winter!

Jess is with her mom
Tiff is grounded.
Sasha is on bedrest.
Christian is with doug.
ppl on a seven day backpacing trip:
Oh one more resson to want to go back to school.
Ha!Only to be hated be the gurls,well jelous....Ha, it is good I don't cuse.

2002-08-02 07:26:02 ET

thats sad abou not being able to hug your mom :(

2002-08-02 07:27:15 ET

I know, its such a loving famly I have.

2002-08-02 07:28:56 ET

Ask your mom why...and then say she has boobs too and you still want to hug her.

2002-08-02 07:32:27 ET

I know why.

2002-08-02 07:34:36 ET

eek. why?

2002-08-02 07:35:46 ET

I am still sad though, cuz no one wants to touch me,(well that is related to me,ppl that think my fat is "cute" however...)And then I will say "I love you." and they will just say "I know", "Ok"and "You don't have to say that." I know they love me but gee.

2002-08-02 07:37:22 ET

aww. i'm sowwy...I LOVE YOU MUAHHHHHH

2002-08-02 07:37:33 ET

Cuz she dosen't like to touch ppl, exspecailly gurls.

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