2003-05-10 17:15:57 ET


I always take pictures of people sleeping durring track. They always turn out good. Only Antwon(?) thought I was triing to take a picture of him, But I only take good pictures. You know ones that are interresting. But it seems that people think I want pictures of him. Well Yeah I did take a picture of barry tieing his shoes together. But only becuase it was cute,not that I was going to take the time to explain this to them oh well let them think what they want.

If havn't ever kissed anyone and I have never had a boyfriend wouldn't that be a good reason not to flach someone?

Besides I think I sould keep that side of me down(no undie displays in months).

2003-05-10 17:32:00 ET

no it is not a reason to flash someone, flashig just objectifies yourself.. obejectification = bad

2003-05-10 18:07:23 ET

I said "isn't that a good reason NOT to flash them?"

2003-05-25 09:08:56 ET

"flach"??? what the fuck is a "flach"?? it sounds like a horrible painful bodily function to me.

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