SOoo,what have you been up to?
2003-06-17 16:23:32 ET

Well, I have been finding out that I am too black to hangout with white ppl. Too white too hang out with black ppl. There are hardly any asians here. Hipanics tend to speak spanish, and the only person who liked me the way I am is going to collage, and has probley already left the state a month ago.

Other than I am good.

Have a good time! me.

2003-06-17 16:25:30 ET

People think i'm white. lol like people at school.

2003-06-17 16:28:32 ET

i know what you mean. if they dont like you the way you are they arent worth your time and company.

just because i didnt speak "ghetto enough" for people they assume im trying to be white. i didnt know speaking correct english meant acting white.

2003-06-17 16:30:09 ET

Where do you live?

I like hanging out with people. Stereotypes/cliches/thought-tunnels are hard to break for most, but I've never givin' a fuck 'bout that. It's hard for me too. That's why I don't want to convey my stereotypical mindset...'cause every-fucking-human has stereotypes, AND IT'S BORING. It's redundant.

I don't know why you say these certain things, but I understand where you're coming from.

2003-06-17 16:35:46 ET

I had to deal with that along time ago whn I moved from the ghetto out into the country... I had a lot of difficulties adjusting and people ridiculed me for not being "black" enough.

What I realized was that people are going to like or dislike me regardless of what I do. People are going to talk about me behind my back no matter what I say/do. So why care? I don't care much anymore and just act myself. Apparently that attracts alot of people becuase I have alot of friends that are of similar interests and yet not from the same background as I am. Good Luck!

2003-06-17 21:06:20 ET

crystal, i like you just the way you are... and you know that..... so dont say there is nobody...

2003-06-19 18:38:16 ET

Ok so there are some ppl mabey it just dosen't feel that way. Its just I do care. Cuz ppl think that if you are part black you are whole black. Unless you are one of thoose rare few you think you should act white. I mean I like to be myself, but I like being exsepted too,ya know

2003-06-21 15:48:23 ET

yes i understand.. smart people like to be themselves.. its really sad in friggin 2003 that people still see black and white like it was the 50's..... i see a person , not a black/white/asian/mexican/indian person...

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