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Your average gal here... i am a pastry chef by day and a rock star by night. I have very few close friends in my life, so if i talk to you about things that bother me, make me happy... you should feel lucky cause i would rather just write them down for fear of being ridiculed as society has shown me most people do from time to time. I am in a band with 7 other people.. we play mostly ska/punk music and it makes me happy. i have been playing trumpet for the last 17 years... i'm still not that great but i think i am getting better. I live in colorado where i was abandoned about three years ago away from everyone and everything i know. granted this was definitely in my best interest but it is hard being somewhere that you don't have one person to talk to within a 1000 mile radius. i have come a long way since then and have about 3 really close friends. i'm not sure what the future holds or brings but who knows.... i'm willing to find out....