2003-07-17 08:57:45 ET

I've had strange, but pleasent dreams, for two nights in a row now.

The other night I dreamt I was the sampler/keyboard player for The Prodigy. While I like their music, I'm not an obsessive fan of theirs (as I am with Pop Will Eat Itself), so it's kind of odd that I played keyboards for them.

One thing about the Prodigy, is that most of their music when played live is from ADAT. There's only one person that is even sitting at a musical instrument (one is an MC and the other one is a crazy dancer) and that's the guy who pretty much is The Prodigy. When they play live, he usually handles the mix board and sometimes does a few samples or keyboard instruments.

In the dream I was doing what I call "loop triggering". Where a good portion of the song is triggered live via a MIDI keyboard plugged into a sampler. I used to do this in high school. One key would be depressed constantly or repeatedly pressed every 4 bars, as the drum loop, and other keys would be triggered as various samples. In my dream I played the entire song "Poison", my favorite of theirs (other than Their Law, which they collaborated over mailed floppys with Pop Will Eat Itself).

The dream I had last night was just as strange. I dreamt I had previously built an amateur rocket and sent a probe to Mars, which conisted primarily of a webcam and a server running Linux. It was something like a year later, and I tried to log in using an uplink from a Radio Telescope that had been dedicated to sending and recieving telemetry from the various Mars missions, so it was always pointed at Mars (this is actually the case). So, I SSH'd in and it worked. Then I realized something was wrong, because the response to my keyboard typing was far too quick. If there was some sort of TCP/IP link to Mars, it would take around 30 minutes for me to get an echo, because of the speed of light. Yeah, weird dream.

2003-07-17 09:08:01 ET

you space oddity!

that was way too easy.

2003-07-17 16:04:34 ET

do you dj at all besides in your dreams?

2003-07-17 17:31:54 ET

No, I don't DJ at all. I learned record mixing in my high school radio class, but other than that I've never touched a record player. I don't even own one. The dream was about sample and loop triggering via a MIDI keyboard.

2003-07-18 07:31:40 ET

perhaps you should listen to bowie

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