2003-08-25 10:08:11 ET

Someone on here (whom I don't know their identify) asked someone I do know to ask me if I got a girl pregnant. What the fuck? Of course not. That's really creepy.

If you want to know, ask me.

2003-08-25 10:12:35 ET

It was me! wasn't. But still that's such a aweird thing to ask. I mean why would they care? And so what if you got someone prgnant that's your own business.

2003-08-25 10:23:26 ET

Yeah, that's pretty odd.

2003-08-25 13:30:59 ET

What, now you're gonna deny that you knocked me up? You little bitch!

2003-08-25 14:14:09 ET

Everyone knows you get around, you give it up to anyone with a can of moxie!

2003-09-01 00:07:21 ET


People are so messed up.

I like them that way. :-D

2003-09-04 11:56:09 ET

i thought we agreed we werent going to tell anyone till after the wedding!!!

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