New Speakers
2003-08-31 23:59:17 ET

So my speakers are finally showing their age. They should, after all they're older than I am. My rather got them while serving in Vietnam.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Bose Series 3 speakers. They're the tiny little box speakers, about 3 inches cubed doubled up, but they sound enourmous. I'm checking eBay now.

2003-09-01 00:02:07 ET

i dont trust ebay with nice things. such as speakers.

2003-09-01 00:04:58 ET

The difference in price is phenominal. Also, I don't think they sell the Series 3.

I remember hearing them and being very impressed, so I think it's best to go with what I know.

2003-09-01 00:07:51 ET

go to a pawn shop.

2003-09-01 00:09:30 ET

I don't know of any around here. Also, pawn shops give me a creepy, bad-karma vibe.

2003-09-01 00:12:20 ET

yeah they are kinda sketchy..
i dont want some crazy drug addicts alarm clock kind of sketchy.

2003-09-01 00:13:38 ET

Wake up, time for drugs!

2003-09-01 00:21:44 ET

one time i tried to sell all the semi nice shit i had in my purse for cigarettes and booze, i didnt have 3 forms of id though..
i dont think they wanted what i had anyways.

2003-09-01 00:26:15 ET


2003-09-01 00:27:23 ET

yikes what? i needed it!

2003-09-01 00:31:39 ET

Haha, how old were you?

2003-09-01 00:33:22 ET

i dunno. under 18.

2003-09-01 00:35:10 ET

What did you have in your purse?

And did you get your booz and cigarettes?

2003-09-01 00:39:58 ET

Ebay isn't that bad. Its still as sketchy as a pawn shop though. I use to work with a girl that stole jewelry from department stores as a quick change artist...she then turned around and sold it on Ebay.

2003-09-01 15:39:18 ET

About your latest comic: where can I find a set of house lesbians?

2003-09-01 19:27:44 ET

i probably had like tylenol, some shampoo, tampons, tissues, lots of lipstick and a change of underwear if i was lucky.

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