Friday Night, 4 AM
2003-10-03 23:17:58 ET

And what am I doing? Partying? Going out with friends? Romancing and dancing?

Nope, I'm at home, finishing up my analysis of Solaris 9 (x86) versus RedHat Linux 9.

So far some interesting results. For the most of the metrics I've tested, Solaris holds a slight performance edge over Linux, but not by much. However, in web operations, Linux can handle about double the rate of incoming connections, making it twice as bad-ass.

I had thought that Solaris might come out ahead in most of these scenarios, especially the web operations, since Solaris has a reknowned rock-solid networking stack.

2003-10-03 23:25:46 ET

Since I didn't completely comprehend the second part of your entry...we're all stayin home tonight, kiddo. October 4th ain't no party.

2003-10-04 00:11:18 ET

Can I get a "what what?"

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