2003-10-20 13:12:03 ET

Well I'm on the front page of Slashdot right now for my Solaris x86 versus Linux smackdown. As typical with the comments section, I've been both accused of "having a boner for Solaris" and being a "biased Linux zealot". Interesting how I can be both at the same time :)

2003-10-20 13:36:15 ET

No shit, that's you? Congrats (or not...) on making /. main page.

2003-10-20 14:08:52 ET

UR'r a whore! :-D

2003-10-20 14:17:25 ET

that's so cool!!

2003-10-20 15:06:03 ET

Strange the article was posted on OSNews.

In other news: What's up with the Slashdot karma system? I haven't, thankfully, read Slashdot for a long time... but how can a post such as;
"This is a surprisingly good article for OSNews. Usually their reviews are limited to utterly trivial things like what the reviewer thought of the default colour scheme, or how easy it was to change the desktop wallpaper. But this one actually has some useful quantitative data in, and refers to things that workstation users actually care about, such as compile times. Whoever this chap is he should take over doing all the reviews from the girl (can't remember her name offhand) who usually does them, because she is pretty much clueless."
Be rated a "4, Insightful" (Perhaps they actually mean "4, incitive" ?).

I was going to post an actual thoughtful comment for comparison, but was unable to find one...

2003-10-20 18:46:01 ET

The comments section for any comparison or evaluation are fucking brutal, I was actually hoping it wouldn't end up on slashdot, but it did about an hour after it got posted on the much more benign OS News.

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