Computer! Emergency Clothes Beam-Off!
2003-11-17 20:12:24 ET

Computer! Emergency Clothes Beam-Off!

I think sex will be really fun in the future, and I don't think Star Trek does enough to explore the avenues of how sex will be hella fun via 23rd century technology.

2003-11-17 20:17:23 ET

lovely. i agree.

2003-11-17 21:22:41 ET

*cracks up*

my fave is stil the raver std.

2003-11-17 21:27:22 ET

you think so ay? *ponders*

2003-11-18 09:15:55 ET

i think sex is going to get more boring. people are getting more jaded, and with that "taboos" are becoming extinct. while i love talk sex with sue johanssan, and other sex-related forums, i feel like they're becoming almost too prevalent, and sex is becoming too overanalyzed and dry.

and while i love my dildo, and would even moreso love an alabama slammer (my current heartthrob), i think good ol fashioned fucking (in it's many many many forms) is the way of the future.

fuck sex simulation suits. fuck robots to get you off. fuck orgasm microchips.

das ist alles :)

2003-11-18 12:28:04 ET

Want to earn an Alabama Slammer the hard way?

Oh, I enjoy a good fucking as well, and in the future I would hope people do. Certain things might be easier. Male contraception. Checking for STDs with the wave of a tricorder. Transporters that can remove your clothes when you're in too much of a hurry. These technologies help facilitate (or fellatiate?) old fashioned fucking, not replace it.

2003-11-18 13:11:51 ET

How about the easy way for now? :)

You enjoy a good fucking? YOU?! Of all people...

I'm really looking forward to an effective mammogram that doesn't involve squashing my breast. Not like I have to worry about that for a few more years anyway, but for women everywhere, I rally the cause. Also...if they could find some way around the speculum...

As far as clothing transporters...I think it's the waiting (even if it's 30 seconds) that helps make it so much more exciting. Remember in the good ol days when we weren't all dependent on instantaneous activities? Getting a normal phone call, eating a well cooked meal (as opposed to being like "fuck it" and microwaving everything because we can.)

I dunno, I just don't want any more convenience, it just makes us weak.

2003-11-18 13:15:03 ET

While waiting for it is fun, the turbolift quicky would be revolutionized by transporters. And it wouldn't need to be naked. You could beam off clothes and beam on fetish wear, get it on, and be back to duty at your weapons console before the watch commander even knows you're gone.

2003-11-18 13:20:04 ET

Hmm...beam on fetish SOUNDS like a good idea. But then you'd get vanilla girls wearing that shit everywhere because NOW they can "afford" it temporarily, there is no commitment to material goodness. Then it gets boring. Not like it's not already heading in that direction by the recent mainstream attention put on vinyl, leather, etc. As far as transporting dildos, strap-ons, etc. It'd be nice, yes. But again, no anticipation.

I'm taking this far too seriously.

2003-11-18 13:55:11 ET

Oh that'd be a naughty trick to play. Beaming a vibrator to a girl during say, a job interview?

2003-11-18 14:49:30 ET

Yes, but she'd have to have a transporter on hand as well...otherwise that would be a bit too confusing. Stuff would start showing up everywhere.

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