Tony's Condom Guide
2003-11-30 03:07:55 ET

Always consult a physician before starting any recreational sex regimen

To me, this seems only natural. If there are two things I'm afraid of, it's STDs and babies, which I sort of count as another form of an STD (a life-long one, at that).

So here, for your benefit and mine, is my guide to condom use.

If she's not on the pill, use a spermicidal latex condom. While nothing is 100% effective, this is as damn near effective as you can possibly get without masturbating 40 feet from each other.

If she is on the pill, a regular latex condom would suffice. Spermicide is pretty stinky, and I try to avoid it if I can. Some women are allergic to it (in some cases the allergy may seem like a latex allergy, but it's really an allergy to spermicide).

Another handy bit is the spermicidal strips. They're small one-inch squares of a translucent fruit-roll up type film that inserted into the vagina a bit before sex. They're not as stinky as spermicidal condoms, and they're supposedly very effective.

If she's allergic to latex, a couple of companies now make non-latex polyurathane condoms. They don't have the proven track record of latex condoms, but they're supposed to be just as effective for pregnancy and diseases. They feel quite a bit different than latex condoms, as they aren't elastic. They're also more expensive than regular latex condoms, but you know what's more expensive? Diseases. Also, babies.

And finally, when using a condom, it's a good idea to not orgasm inside a condom while inside the girl. This is a good idea for a number of reasons. The condom could have broken, which would be bad. Also, there are a lot more fun places to ejacul8 your ejacul@ (clever play on pronunciations) than inside of a stinky old condom, if you know what I mean (and I think that you do).

2003-11-30 06:23:41 ET

wow. you defiantely put a lot of thought into that.

2003-11-30 08:28:14 ET

why thank you for the guide

2003-12-15 14:16:25 ET

how informative thank you


2003-12-15 14:17:15 ET

I didn't put so much thought into that, as I did... work. And fear.

2003-12-15 14:17:49 ET


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