2003-12-20 23:09:32 ET

This year I've been to 6 different foreign countries, and driven in all of them. Luxemberg might not count, as I was only in it for about 10 minutes. The time it took to drive from one end, get gas (there's not EU tax on gas there) and leave out the other end.

Next year I've got a mind to hit Amsterdam and Utrect again (no, I don't smoke pot), as well as go to some tropical island. Also, a return trip to Canada would be fun. Perhaps Toronto.

With all the money I've spent on travel this year, I could have purchased a nice big screen TV. I'd rather have the travel. The travel I'll always remember. The big screen TV won't make much of a dent on the experience of my life.

2003-12-20 23:15:34 ET

Travel over TV, definitely a good choice.

2003-12-20 23:16:35 ET

Travel is much cooler. :-)

2003-12-21 01:35:32 ET


2003-12-21 01:59:56 ET

Don't get me wrong. I like TV. It's good in moderation. I'm a huge fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Family Guy.

But I'll watch it on the 25 inch TV I paid $50 bucks for 7 years ago. It's works for me fine.

2003-12-21 03:22:47 ET

Well, good thing you are not a woman going to Amsterdam. I was with a music group in Europe performing and going from country to country when I was about 16. I ended up sneaking out with a few girls and taking a train to Amsterdam and getting back at some ungodly hour. The men there are pigs, look you up and down if you're female, and even make...offers... I loved the travel though, I would go for that too. Were you in Germany at all?

2003-12-21 12:21:32 ET

Yeah, we spent an afternoon in Fryesberg(sp?), and I drove back to Amsterdam through Germany so I could drive on ze Autobahn. That, was fucking FUN.

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