I love Steve Jobs
2004-01-06 08:52:17 ET

And one day, I'm going to marry him. I'm watching the live Keynote Address from MacWorld in SF, and he's just introduced the newest "iLife" suite, which includes a 64-track studio-quality non-linear digital recorder. It includes everything anyone would need to record a band and make a professional-grade mixdown. Sampling, looping, time stretching, it's looks amazing. Along with new versions of iMovie, iPhoto, and a bunch of other easy-to-use stuff, they're including it new with every Mac, or $49 seperately.

2004-01-06 08:57:25 ET

i hate the mac

2004-01-06 09:41:51 ET

I love the mac. My bf has a pretty one. :-)

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