1997 called, they want their web design back
2004-01-10 00:17:33 ET

You know what I hate? Pretentious web page designers. Especially pretentious web page designers that are awful at web page design. One thing I especially hate is when someone puts on the page "best viewed at x resolution".

I just went to a website, a pretty terrible one at that, where the designer went through the trouble to write the javascript or whatever to detect my monitor resolution, and had the nerve to say "I see you're running at 1280x1024, please set your resolution to 1024x768 to view this site at it's optimal setting".

Now, I wouldn't change my monitor resolution just any web page. I probably wouldn't change it for any web page. No single page is worth it to me to screw up how my icons are laid out, to change my entire purpose and negate all the thought I put into making my system optimal to do what I want to do with it, because someone isn't skilled enough to make a page viewable by all, or is so pretentious as to think their page deserves such careful consideration.

Especially not for a terrible web page.

Here's a funny Penny Arcade comic on a simliar vien.

2004-01-10 00:38:56 ET

my roommate is someone you hate..but she is getting better

2004-01-10 00:46:20 ET

If they know they need improving, that's not problem. I'm horrible at HTML and design. I admit it. But I don't go around telling you what to do with your resolution.

2004-01-10 00:49:44 ET

well, she does and she will say that certain sites are shit when they're not...as if she is queen of design

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