2004-01-14 08:13:30 ET

New Comic: Strategery

You see it in message boards, blogs, craig’s list, Nerve personals – just about anywhere on the Internet that’s co-ed. Girls looking for LTR (that’s long-term relationship), and guy’s offering up “no strings attached” oral.

It’s like a dog selling a cat a bone on the merits of the fine gnawing experience. It just doesn’t have any appeal to the target.

2004-01-14 08:45:42 ET

it's really true

2004-01-14 10:40:01 ET

id rather have good sex..

2004-01-14 10:54:16 ET

Good sex or not, I doubt you would judge potential sexual partners on headless cock picture alone :)

2004-01-14 13:37:50 ET

so true, so true

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