Twice in one week!
2004-01-23 23:05:05 ET

Slashdot cover. These comments are more obnoxious than ever.

2004-01-24 08:02:27 ET

copy paste

what are they saying?

2004-01-24 08:35:14 ET

Heh, just go to slashdot and look at the "32-bit versus 64-bit" article. That would be me.

2004-01-24 08:52:54 ET

I try to avoid Slashdot but you got me interested

2004-01-24 08:55:55 ET

It's... addicting. And obnoxious.

2004-01-24 13:29:00 ET

no, it is just obnoxious after a while

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