2004-05-02 16:35:46 ET

I just got a new monitor. A Samsung 213T, a 21 inch LCD. That's right, 21 inches. LCD. This thing is fucking huge. It's so much bigger than my old 17 inch LCD and so much more real estate I'm getting motion sickness just looking at it.

2004-05-03 00:10:17 ET

That thing is huge. And sex.

Is the logo after the Linux logo the BeOS logo? Looks like the media logo, only white. Hard to tell with you hojillion icons all over the thing ;)

2004-05-03 00:15:09 ET

I believe it is. It's an OSNews wallpaper, and they cover BeOS quite a bit.

2004-05-03 00:17:56 ET

Yeah, Eugenia used to be big on BeOS. Married one of the chief pointy heads at Be - JBQ.

There's a few logos there I can't pick. This hurts my inner geek cry.

2004-06-05 21:31:26 ET

i hate bein broke,

ihave been trying to save up for a new lcd forever.

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