New Site
2003-02-24 14:55:44 ET

New site to play with. This is rather neat.

2003-02-24 15:05:04 ET

it is neat here.

2003-02-24 15:14:57 ET

and it will consume you...


2003-02-24 15:58:18 ET

Yay more NYC kids!

2003-02-24 15:59:37 ET

hello :)
welcome in. enjoy enjoy enjoy.

2003-02-24 16:54:22 ET

I feel like I'm stalking you or something... First I see (and get addicted to) cyberbooty, then I see you on bme, then on here. I swear im not stalking you.

2003-02-24 17:13:01 ET

weird. i'm like, famous or something :)

2003-02-24 19:07:15 ET

bienvenue to something that will be come a new drug for you :)

2003-02-24 19:11:11 ET

I can stop anytime i want to...

2003-02-24 19:12:01 ET

oh you say that now...


2003-02-24 19:14:03 ET

*twitches* really!

2003-02-24 19:17:11 ET

arr matey!


((on we are all pirates and cowboys))

2003-02-24 19:19:35 ET

can i be a butt priate? in search of pirate booty?

2003-02-24 19:21:40 ET

you can be any pirate you want dearie.


2003-02-24 19:24:14 ET


2003-02-25 19:47:28 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

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