Why Is Tony Crying?
2003-02-24 19:43:54 ET

Why is Tony crying? Is it because of a girl? A couple of girls? A guy? Perhaps the lonliness of his despair...

No. Tony is crying because dialup fucking sucks.

2003-02-24 19:45:25 ET

aaaaaaaahahahha. i can relate. thank god for my schools fast connection. phew!

2003-02-24 19:49:17 ET

Haha! Rock.

You poor sod.

2003-02-24 19:49:18 ET

3 more days until I get a broadband connection in my new place.

2003-02-24 19:51:43 ET

You suck I want one.. yes and late on the welcome...

2003-02-24 20:01:11 ET

Thank ya. I'll survive... somehow...

2003-02-24 20:03:40 ET

Well go for you I won't.... now I'm crabby... * runs away *

2003-02-24 20:12:57 ET


2003-02-24 20:16:57 ET


2003-02-24 20:32:53 ET

HAHAHAHA thats awesome

they just doubled our bandwidth here on this cable modem. Sorry, don't mean to rub your face in shit :-P

2003-02-24 20:39:53 ET

*crawls into corner and dialups and cries*

2003-02-25 11:29:22 ET

lol, and welcome.

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