2003-02-26 10:18:14 ET

This morning was spent at the DMV getting my license replaced. Unfortunately, if you live in New York, they don't give you a new drivers license right at the DMV. They send you one, 2 to 3 weeks later. Which sucks. In the other two states I've lived and had a license (Indiana and Virginia), they've given me a freshly lamenated warm license right then and there. Oh well. At least I have my Passport to get me into bars.

Word to the wise. Don't ever carry your Social Security card with you. It's a bitch to get replaced, and if you loose your wallet, your social security card makes it much easier to replace your other ID. There's no reason to keep it in on your person, unless you're going to do something special, like open a bank account or (in my case) replace your drivers license.

Plus, if it gets stolen, you can be the victim of "identity theft". A friend of mine had hers stolen, and some lady in North Carolina used it to by a car on her credit. It's a huge hassle to get your name cleared on matters like that.

I don't ever carry mine around, and it made this a whole lot easier.

2003-02-26 10:22:30 ET

ive never even seen a ny dmv.

2003-02-26 10:25:55 ET

They're pretty good. It was pretty busy and I was out of there in about 15 minutes. The Virginia DMVs make you want to eat the barrel of a gun, however.

2003-02-26 10:27:09 ET

the ones in jersey are horrid it looks like the immigration center everybodys standing around scared out of their mind.

2003-02-26 10:28:54 ET

The one I went to was in Herrald Square, right by Macy's in midtown.

2003-02-26 10:29:48 ET

yes they do!!! Went i went home (northern va) for christmas i had to get mine renewed...

FOUR AND A HALF HOURS after i got there i finally got it

its ridiculous, plus they made us wait out in the cold and come inside in groups of 5 every fifteen minutes or so. Sooo the majority of my time was spent in the parking lot in the freezing cold. Virginia DMV = bastards.

2003-02-26 10:30:51 ET

they have one there? field trip im gonna go check it out this weekend. <-if you havent noticed yet im a loser.

2003-02-26 10:44:15 ET

Have you not gotten your NY license yet?

If you're getting a NY license by trading in another state's, be aware that they make you surrendor your old ID, and don't give you a new photo ID for 2 to 3 weeks. That really sucked for me when I did that about 4 years ago, as I had a flight the next week, and no other photo ID. Luckily, it was before the added restrictions post 9/11, and I didn't have too much trouble.

2003-02-26 10:45:17 ET

The Herald's Square one is a bit hard to find too, you have to take an elevator in the back of the first floor of the Model's building (used to be a Toys R Us).

2003-02-26 10:51:08 ET

oh ok i know now.

2003-02-26 11:04:06 ET

and knowing is half the battle

2003-02-26 11:05:25 ET

lol. its like they hide them. ive lived here since i was 4 and ive never seen a nyc dmv ever.

2003-02-26 12:31:20 ET

They're secret!

2003-02-26 16:52:28 ET


2003-02-26 21:50:01 ET

just the fact that our abbreviations are different implies how secret the whole system is. ever notice how everything is abbreviated? you see, here a "dmv" is called "sgi" then we got fbi, cia, nwa, wtf,lol..ok, rather off topic

anywho, i am indeed a pervert, my dreadlocks are perverted too.

am i the only human being on this planet that has not seen adult swim?!?! damn. simpsons rock my socks however

have a great day.

2003-02-27 08:07:31 ET

If you like the Simpsons, I would think you'd like adult swim. If you've got Kazaa, you should try to download an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. There's even one where Danzig makes a guest appearance.

2003-02-27 08:09:29 ET

*score*i shall check it out for sure.

2003-02-27 13:28:07 ET

good advice - i had my purse stolen with my ss card in it, and it was the biggest pain in the ass to get everything replaced. bah.

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