Mr. Rogers
2003-02-27 10:29:04 ET

Mr Rogers died today. He was a great man, doing public television for 38 years, and never selling out his image to make what could easily have been money hand over fist. An ordained minister and 20 year vegetarian, he tought children that "there's no one in the world just like you".

2003-02-27 10:36:30 ET

It's kind of sad. :-/

2003-02-27 10:52:18 ET

It is. Mr Rogers was so punk.

>_o okay, that was insensitive of me.. *bites lip*

2003-02-27 18:10:18 ET

i got all misty when i read about it this morning. mr rogers was simple yet imaginative. they just don't make children's television like that any more.


2003-02-27 18:53:50 ET

it was the end of an era, thats for sure.
*frown and mourn*
agreeing with rustload, its sad that most of the little instapunk kids only know him from hot-topic t-shirts.

2003-02-27 19:03:11 ET

the best thing i could think of would be for them to release a dvd set of the mr rogers shows and have all the proceeds go to charity. i want to pass mr rogers on to my kids.

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